Timothy O'Brien

The offices are well maintained and clean. The interns were helpful and impressive, was my doctor who oversaw their work. I highly recommend this clinic.

Claudette Baker

Very helpful.

H. K.

Dr. Moore and his staff went above and beyond for me very thorough absolutely great experience here.

Kathryn Younger

Excellent care!

Lisa Strong

Very quick and personal.

Laura Pavlik

Very caring, thorough staff. Would recommend highly.

Pat Ellert

I am very pleased with everyone at the clinic. It is so nice to have my nails cut & the job is done by very nice people.

Lorie Paige

I had a very awesome Healy experience,and I thank the staff for taking such great care of me!

Denise Hanson

The time I was there was my first time and the doctor is funny 😁 making jokes, and his intern was both work on my foot 😅 and toes nails being a diabetes the toe nails be very hard and doctor measures my feet brought newshoes inside of my foot be hurting buy bigger sizes in shoes 👞 the visit was very comfortable and nice.

Garry Matthews

They are very good. Handle all my needs.

E. Sanders

Staff was friendly and attentive. The doctor was also attentive. Listen to my concerns. Explained everything I didn’t understand and spoke to me directly. He didn’t seem to be too busy or unconcerned.

Ronda Snyder

I really enjoyed the expertise and attention to my feet that this facility provides and helping to teach future podiatrists to be the best they can be.

One Wave

Team was great and took the time! Great care!

Grace Jackson

Professional, efficient, kind.

Maxine Brand

I have never had a podiatrist take so much time with me. I have been to 3 others looking for a solution to my problems. This time I hit the jackpot and I'm back playing pickleball with little or no pain.

Jennifer Spears

The appointment was a new experience for me.

The receptionist was very pleasant upon arrival. The students were informative about they're processes.

And Doctor Donavon was extremely informative about my care and needs.

Robert Turpin

Cleveland foot and ankle clinic is the only place I will let work on my feet. I have never been disappointed with their service.

Sydney Pitts

The nurses were extremely kind.

Kolapo Fasina

This is University Health Center of Kent State University and they attend mainly to students and faculty. You however, need your health insurance in order to get their attention and you need to strictly reserve an appointment before you will be attended to.

Ben O'Daniel

Very professional and understanding.

Parker Gabriel

Easy to make an appt. and the wait times aren’t long at all!

Megan Barrett

The nurses and providers are so caring and really listen to you and your opinions about your health.

Chenjian Fu


Candice Wood

I’ve been a patient for years. My whole family has visited at one time or another. Friendly staff and knowledgeable doctors. Always satisfied with their care.

Marcus Rutledge

Very polite and professional I enjoyed so much I recommended the place to several of my friends and family.

Candace Bundy

Great place for having custom orthodics made...and foot problems taken care of.

Peter Harte

Outstanding. Dr. Siesel provides exceptional custom orthotics support.

Debra Powell

Very nice and helpful to me. Let me know what going on.

Johnnie Baker

My wife and I used the Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic regularly for 6-7 years. Since they are affiliated with the medical program at Kent State University, in is possible to make appointments during a couple of times each month at at the Heath Center at Kent State University in Kent Ohio. Most of the time, we made an appointments at the Health Center at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. However, during the height of the pandemic, we went to their location in East Cleveland. They always did an excellent job. Since we are retired and our daughter and son-in-law live in the Seattle area, we decided to move to a nearby location as my wife's health declined. As a result, I can no longer use this excellent medical program.

Brenda Alexander

I received the Best care here.


Had a cryoprobe procedure for plantlar fibromotosis in 2006. It was fairly new that at time and it was an alternative to the more conventional and extensive surgery. It took only 45 minutes in the Doctor's office with just a couple local injections to numb the foot for the procedure. The foot has been good ever since.

Elizabeth Sudberry

The service were excellent. Didn't have to wait long.

Mustafa Mustafa

Great staff and services! No problem goes unsolved!!!

Vincent Lee

Very prompt and dependable friendly and very knowledgeable you are in good company relax.

Charmaine Kelly

The student doctor was very courteous and helpful and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable. Doctor Ehredt was very helpful 👌 and patient. He had a great manner about himself. Very professional 👏

Carlito Pérez

It has been 40 years since my foot surgery and i feel very good there the best there God'S angels.

Carmen Amerson

The 5 stars is for Dr. Butler Only. 1 out of 3 visits and in between was Dr. Spencer, he went behind the student and cut too deep and left it there my big toe was aching and painful for months. I almost called Caresource. Big ups to Dr. Butler removing that core also.

Billie Anzevino

Dr. Nicolas Butler is the most compassionate, kind comforting so many words I can say about Dr. Butler. He made me feel so comfortable and safe his bedside manners impeccable. He treats you like his own family and you could tell he genuinely cares about you and how you feel. He is one of the only doctors, surgeons that I have felt so comfortable with that I one hundred percent trusted. He explained everything thoroughly and it was so peaceful instead of stressful going into surgery and the outcome was amazing I can walk again. Dr. Butler is my family now. I love you as a doctor , surgeon, and he is the kindest person and I love him as a person.

Susan Pennypacker

I’ve seen Dr. Pratt fir 2 separate foot surgeries. Can’t recommend her enough! Excellent surgeon. Fantastic communications. Great follow up.

Chris Statt

I am very pleased with the professionalism, patients, kindness I received at The C.F.&A. Clinic. I have had surgery, broken bones healed and been fitted for new orthotics; all with excellent outcomes.

Cynthia Cousins

Family feel with awesome workers.

Valerie Edwards

I would recommend anyone to go to this Clinic they do an awesome job.

Jinny Holley

I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and attending doctor! I would highly recommend this clinic!

Jane Wetzel

Doctor and helpers were really helpful and they seem to genuinely care about your issue.


I received great care at the Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic. Dr. Boike is a wonderful doctor. He was able to diagnose my problem when many others couldn’t. He was able to devise a solution to relieve the pain I had in my foot. He’s patient, he listens and has wonderful patient rapport. I trust him completely and would highly recommend him. I was also treated extremely well by his staff and the students.

John Bartos

Dr. Spencer and two students attended to me. Professional and very competent. Great experience. The clinic is my go-to for podiatric care.

Julie Ketterer

The resident, Erica, was friendly yet professional. She did a fabulous job removing a painful callus from a toe. Dr. Scott Spencer diagnosed a toenail fungus and, in addition to suggesting a product to ease the pain of my callus, gave me a prescription for the treatment of the fungus. I left the office feeling that my concerns had been met.

Edward Vittardi

Dr. Botek is outstanding. After months of pain and lack of progress she put me on the right path. Wish I had seen her sooner!!

Clifton Buggs

Feel very confident and comfortable with all services performed by Dr. Blazer a staff. I have been a patient for years and plan to continue.

Laurie Richards

Friendly and efficient staff.

Mark Salling

I have been getting orthotics at the Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic since for more that 35 years. I like the attention they pay to my running habits, shoes, etc. They take measurements, inspect your jog, and check your gate with and without the orthotics. One other place I tried just fit me for an orthotic without any attention to those things. I never went back. I also like that the CFAC is a teaching institution, giving students practical experience working with patients.

Dick Finnigan

Always professional and helpful.

Cathy Leissa

Would recommend Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic to everyone.. A group that is professional, knowledgeable and goes over and beyond the call of duty to help make your foot care the best and safest. Have been going there for years and would never change. Thanks to Dr. Spencer and his team.

Tuhin Mukherjee

I would recommend Dr.Spencer to anyone seeking such an incredible bedside manner, and who takes his time to treat you not just as a patient, but even as a person.

Furthermore, I found the staff at the Midtown location to be very friendly and approachable, which is more than can be said of the office manager at the other clinic.

E Dickerson

I broke my toe and foot in a car accident many years ago and recently injured the toe again. I went to Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic because it was recommended to me by my foot doctor that I highly respect (he moved his practice). The level of care and explanation, as well as, the follow up was excellent. I had questions about the bones in my foot which the doctor answered and gave me peace about my concerns. The whole experience from speaking to the receptionist, getting a quick appointment, and seeing the doctor was excellent.

Steven Miller

They do a very good job with your feet and toe nails. They are Kent State students learning how to be a foot doctor. I've been going there for a couple years now. I'am happy with there work. The place is called Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic.

William Green

Excellent personal-professional service. Thanks!

Vera Camden

Dr. Rasanti was a brilliant doctor; highly recommend.

Jefferson Steeleflex

Dr. Siesel did an excellent job at treating my neuroma. She created orthotics for me. My visit was fast.

Lorie Paige

Did a great job on my bunion.

David Ball

Might take longer than most but they give a thorough foot exam.

Bob Snookie

Been to 7 foot doctors in the past 5 years... This place has did more then any place has. They take there time and they figure things out and attack issues about feet pain. Come try this place out they are the best in the state! Very kind doctors and workers here!

Marianne Eppolito

I have never written a review of any place but I really feel the need to write a review for Cleveland Foot and Ankle...my experience has been fantastic..my doctor was brilliant..he took all the time I needed, I never felt rushed or brushed off...he did a phenomenal job on my surgery...the rest of the staff were always more than helpful, kind and compassionate... thank you Cleveland Foot and Ankle!

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