Mission Statement:

The mission of the KSU Foot & Ankle Clinic (dba Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic) is to ensure an optimal clinical teaching environment for the students of the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, promote and conduct relevant foot and ankle medical research, and to deliver the highest quality foot and ankle care to its patients.

Vision Statement:

KSU Foot and Ankle Clinic is dedicated to:

  • Excellence and efficiency in the provision of foot and ankle care through first-class clinical facilities supported by a sustainable economic base
  • Student learning and success through a variety of teaching techniques including guided patient care, participation in the hospital surgical suite, problem-based small group discussion groups, workshops, journal review sessions, and interactive lectures
  • Research and medical discovery to strengthen the body of knowledge as it pertains to medicine, biomechanics, and surgery of the foot and ankle
  • Partnerships to offer services and medical specialties that will provide an educational benefit to KSUCPM students and provide accessible quality foot and ankle care to patients
  • Socially responsible provision of preventive, conservative, and surgical care of the foot and ankle to a community of diversity
  • A safe environment promoting civility, collegiality, and professional responsibility among its faculty, students, and staff

Strategic Goals:


  • Prioritize outreach to underrepresented/underserved community
  • Increase collaborations with Health Care Institutions and Academic Institutions in the area (2 at least)
  • Establish Ad Hoc Committee to investigate the establishment of a Wound Care clinic component to the Euclid location


  • Identify opportunities for establishing a research component of KSU Foot & Ankle Clinic operations
  • Develop integrated professional education model in KSU Foot & Ankle Clinic (Nursing, Pharm, Health, etc.)
  • Develop and implement a multi-year strategic plan for increasing market share in the Cleveland area

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